Bringing Jena Home

Bringing Jena Home: Baton Rouge Summit on Community Action Suggested Program

Monday, October 1, 2007, 6 pm - 8 pm, Unitarian Church

6:00-6:20 pm Opening Reflections — The impact of the Jena 6 case and events surrounding the case
We will collect, read, and post notecards filled out by individual participants during both rallies (BR & Jena), as well as notecards filled out by guests of the summit. Previously submitted cards will be hung on the wall for perusal. Individuals will be invited to share brief personal accounts. This segment will be moderated.

6:20-6:25 pm Summation of Reflections leading to Current Action — we will ask a powerhouse speaker, someone who can absorb the information shared by the summit guests and organizers into a comprehensive vision. This person will explore the issues facing Jena & Baton Rouge and offer a framework for the rest of the meeting. Suggested power speakers thus far: Anna West or Maxine Crump.

6:25-6:40 pm Activist Anecdotes — 5-7 Baton Rouge activists will give a two minute speech on a current social justice venture/ political movement and will share either a common resource or a shared issue/roadblock, or positive reflection on social action in Baton Rouge. Something to let the crowd know that people are working for change in Baton Rouge, and that their help is crucial!

6:40-6:45 pm Introduce Discussion Groups — Invite participants to join a group that will focus on the issue they'd like to take up (transportation, equitable housing, etc). Also have one group dedicated to fleshing out new committee possibilities.

6:45-7:15 pm Facilitated Group Discussions — Committee formations built out of facilitated group discussions for people on common ground.

7:15-7:30 pm Closing Group Presentations — A rep from each group/committee will give a one or two sentence description of one action item they have decided to persue while they will hang their notes on the wall for other committees to look at and consider.

7:30-8:00 pm Closing Reception — Participants will review the "writing on the wall" and network/socialize with other guests at the summit. We could provide some light refreshments.

Immediate Action Items:
Note cards: we need to print up instructions & notecards for the participants at the two rally's. These must be available tomorrow. Using regular index cards will be easier, but the functionality of printed instructions on the cards must also be considered. Who is taking the lead on this?
Produce flyers/packets for the event.
Develop a promotion strategy
Identify targeted invitees (both individuals and groups)
Identify some logical committees to suggest at the forum. Some ideas mentioned at our meeting include: 1. Mass Transportation, 2. Equitable Housing, 3. Progressive Media Development, 4. Communications/Messaging, 5. Continuation of work in Jena. Let's generate some more ideas before the event.
Secure a moderator for the opening reflections
Secure a Power Speaker to follow the reflections
Secure 5 to 7 current BR activists for the anecdotes
Secure a facilitator for all recommended committee formations
Find a sponsor for refreshments

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